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About aBetterMe

Giving you the courses and resources to move your life to a new level

Who are We?

The core team at aBetterMe first came together in 2006/7 and have worked as a team ever since.
We are like-minded people who are dedicated to helping people enhance their skills – and their lives.

We were originally business training specialists, and have been inspired to create the aBetterMe brand because of today's growing need for people to improve their skills ...
to create a better version of themselves.

Change can be difficult! So it's not just about deciding on what to change, and how to do it (that's certainly a part of it), but making great changes on a continuing basis.

We will help you by making that pursuit EASY.

How we help you

We provide courses and articles designed to improve your skills and knowledge in four main areas of your life.


If we can't communicate, how will we survive?

But there's more to it than that ... how well we communicate can be the key to a great outcome on a project, or even a successful relationship.


How do we get our way without upsetting people?

It's just a matter of knowing how to use simple ways to deal with bad behaviour ... and make sure you are following the rules yourself!


How can we build happy, successful relationships?

Surely the Holy Grail of life? And once you start listening to people, and making sure that everyone gets what they want, you're pretty well there ...

Time Management

How do we stop wasting time?

There are lots of traps we all fall into ... yet plenty of proven ways to avoid and overcome them. You just need to learn them and put them into practice.

Anger Management

How do we deal with anger in ourselves and others?

It's about learning to express yourself in healthier ways, harnessing and channelling it positively ... and helping others to do the same.

Managing Stress

How do we reduce and control our stress, and live a healthier, happier life?

A simple two-way strategy is required. Use our simple rules to remove what stress you can, and manage what remains.

Online Courses Built Around You

We've designed our courses around you - the 21st century student!

Bite size chunks allow you to drop in and cover as much as you can, whenever you can. Training has never been so easy to fit into your busy schedule.

Great content, with no waffle padding the course out, means it's only as long as it needs to be for you to learn the lesson.
So, you learn.   You implement.  You change ... three steps to taking our content to change your life!

Our Vision
We see a better world where people have access to the knowledge they need to make their lives more productive and fulfilling, and to have happier, more positive and more enduring relationships with other people.
Our Mission
We are specialists in training people and are determined to use our expertise and experience to help people to improve their skills, boost their effectiveness at work and with other people, and enhance their wellbeing.
Online courses to boost your skills
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