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Effective Time Management


Effective Communication Skills

These courses come with the option of a completion diploma.
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Online Effective Time Management Course

A premier time management skills training course from aBetterMe

Get more done every day of your life - at home and work
with our great, easy-to-follow online course

Who is our Effective Time Management course for?

Get More Out of Every Day of Your Life

Don't think that this course is just about working in the office.

Sure, time management has great relevance to everything in a typical day at work.   But what about getting things done at home, or planning a social event?   And fitting it all in with everything else?

Do you often have several things that need to be done – and several people screaming at you to get them done?   What's your plan?

Modern life is hectic, and if we want to keep up, we need to manage our time properly.   This course will show you time management from several angles and we'll teach you simple ways of making your life more productive – and less stressful.

This time management skills training course, like all our courses, has been developed over many years of classroom delivery.   Content has been thoroughly researched and is constantly updated so it's always leading edge.   It's delivered by professional presenters and is full of practical knowledge and solutions.

Still wondering whether to do the course?
Just think about this: how much would your life benefit if you had better time management skills?

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CPD accredited course

CPD certified course

This means that not only has it been rigorously assessed in terms of content and quality, but it comes with a FREE CPD Certification certificate for you to keep.

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Includes Prioritising, Time Robbers, Planning, The Four Ds, Delegation, SMART Goals, Time Mapping
... and more
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$49.00   $229.00
Includes Types of Communication, Questioning & Listening, Being Effective, Overcoming Problems
... and more
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$89 .00
Your Free Workbook and Personal Action Plan

The CPD certificate you get will be your measure of where you are.
How about fulfilling your full potential?
Buy the Development Plan course and get your own great, results-focused downloadable workbook.

The workbook features:

  • Summary notes of the course to refer to as you go
  • Space for your own notes alongside the summaries
  • Apply the lessons in each module to your own situation and experience
  • A Personal Action Plan for you to set your objectives
  • Four structured Follow Up Sessions for you to monitor and manage your progress
  • A final Review Session for you to take a look at just how far you have come!
Curriculum for the Effective Time Management Course

How to Prioritize

- Benefit versus Effort
- Urgent versus Important
- Why We Need Time Management
- Values and Priorities
- The Prioritization Grid

Time Robbers

- Time Robbers Imposed by Others
- Time Robbers Imposed by You

Planning Your Work

- Benefits of Planning
- Guidelines and Tools for Efficient Planning
- The Difference Between Planning and Scheduling
- Five Minutes Before the Hour

The Four D's

- What makes the 4 Ds easy
- Guidelines for Keeping a Piece of Paper
- Dump, Delay, Delegate and Do
- Using the 4 Ds

How to Delegate Effectively

- What is Delegation?
- The Five Levels of Delegation
- Five Steps to Delegation
- Keeping Responsibility
- When You Cannot Delegate

Setting SMART Goals for Yourself

- Why You Need to Set Goals NOW
- Knowing What You Want to Accomplish
- The Three Ps of Goals
- SMART Goals

Techniques for Getting Organized

- The Need for Organization
- Organizing your Day - Using a "To Do" List
- Pareto - the 80-20 Rule - and Quick Wins
- Organizing your Workspace
- Effective E-mail Operation
- The Batching Technique
- Streamlining Your Approach with STING
- Meetings and Phone Calls

Time Mapping

- Using Technology
- Productivity Analysis
- Scheduling of Demanding Tasks
- What is a Time Map?
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About the Effective Time Management Course

Learn How to Stop Wasting Time!

Let's face it, there is never enough time to do what we want!

And as soon as you finish that big job, or project, you can't relax because something else comes along.   It's just how life is nowadays, isn't it?

Well, no, not really,

Our course will turn your thoughts around.  It starts with prioritization, and dealing with the "time robbers" that disrupt your best-laid plans.   Then it moves to planning your work, and a great strategy called the Four D's.

The second half of the course deals with delegation, setting SMART goals, getting organized and time mapping.

By the end of the course, you will have a whole arsenal of tools at your disposal, and you'll be ready to greet every busy day with a new and energizing optimism.

Watch the modules, revisit them time and again ...
and have fun with improving your skills!

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