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  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Developing Assertiveness
  • Building Great Relationships
  • Effective Time Management
  • Anger Management and Control
  • Managing Your Stress for a Better Life
Self development for all

Yes, we can all be better ... and it's so easy!   See and hear more in our 1-minute video ...

Becoming A Better You ...

Life in the 21st century is fast!

And it's not just about your career ... you may be a high-flyer or a home maker, a leader or a follower ... we all expect more of ourselves, and others seem to want more of us too ...

But it's not enough to learn how to do things, whether it's at work, home, or in our social lives.

We all need to look at our personal skills: that's often about how we relate to others, but also how we manage our time.

And that's where aBetterMe comes in. Everything we do is geared to improving your personal skills.
And making your life, and you, so much better!

Effective Communication Skills

Learn about great communications

So many of the problems that we experience in life, whether at work or in our private lives, can be traced back to poor communication.

And the reverse is true too. When things go well, without any mishaps, isn't that down to when things were communicated well?

Learning how to communicate effectively will see you achieving far more in your life, as more things go according to plan, and fewer things go wrong.

Move away from some basic errors that you may be making, become a much better communicator, and see more of your life work out the way you want it to!

Developing Assertiveness

Learn how to behave assertively

aBetterMe's assertiveness training looks at different behavior types that people - including yourself - engage in, when interacting with others.

We look at how to deal with poor behavior shown by others, and also how to be sure you are not also behaving in those poor ways, but in a positive, assertive way.

You will learn how to move away from being passive, aggressive, or even passive-aggressive, and how to be seen as a confident, assertive individual.

After putting what we say into action, you will get better outcomes from all your interactions with other people.

Building Relationships

Learn how to build and influence better relationships

Nobody is perfect and gets along with everybody!

Some people are really popular, but struggle to influence other people. Or maybe it's the other way round: they know how to influence people, but the way they do it doesn't always help their relationships.

To live a life that's both happy and productive, you need to be able to build good, sustainable relationships with people ... but also then know how to influence those people.

We'll show you, first, how to understand yourself better, and then how to take your relationships to a new level!

Effective Time Management

Learn to stop wasting time and be much more productive

Do you think that you are productive enough? Or don't you quite manage your time effectively?

Maybe you finish most days wondering where the time went, and how you can get more done.

Using tried and tested methods, we show you some seriously effective ways of eliminating time wastage. This means you will have more time to do things, and also know how to be even more productive in the time that you're not wasting.

It's a double barrelled approach to becoming more productive, and taking control of your life. You'll take your productivity to a new level!

Anger Management and Control

Learn about managing anger in yourself and others

Anger is natural, and unavoidable. Problems arise when bad behavior follows, and this gets in the way of stable, rewarding relationships.
Our course shows you how to control your anger, and how to communicate your feelings in a positive fashion, as well as giving you some proven long term approaches to managing your anger.

We also show you how to deal with anger in other people, which can be easier than you think if you follow our basic rules.

When you know how to control your anger, and even help people to control theirs, life will be more calm, enjoyable, and your relationships will be happier ... and what we show you is so easy to put into practice too ...

Managing Your Stress for a Better Life

Learn about reducing and controlling stress

We are all stressed, but too much of it is just plain unhealthy. So if you're stressed, and it's not going away, you need to do something about it.

We show you what stress is, what causes it, and the effect it has on you.
We explain the different types of stress, and its five primary causes, before looking at how to set simple goals that will help you to reduce and manage stress.

We also show you how to identify the stress you can remove, how to deal with the stress you can't, and how to add fun activities to what you do.

You will be able to find a more sustainable work/life balance, enjoy life a whole lot more ... and be in better health too!

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